(Angurugu, Groote Eylandt)

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Joselle explains how her cousin Valerina has Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD), however the doctor has not yet given a diagnosis. Three years ago, Valerina stopped talking and playing with other kids, due to her undiagnosed illness, she receives support and love from her family.


Cousin: Yeah, my cousin Valerina has, umm, MJD disability and, umm, she sometimes talks, but not very much, you know?

Cousin: Like, the doctor hasn't found out what, really, is wrong with her at the moment but, like it happened three years ago, I guess and she was 16 at the time.

Cousin: Yeah, she was a normal kid like, normal kid playing with other kids, like, talking but when that happened to her she, like, couldn't speak much couldn't go out, play with kids.

Cousin: We don't know what happened, but they say it's the MJD that affected her but, we don't really know yet.

Cousin: Umm, the challenges are like, umm… she used to go out much but not very often now.

Cousin: She used to go to school every day. Like every day, till she finished school, like, and then she used to be a good reader.

Cousin: She'd still like be active, more confident you know, like a good person, in a way, but now she changed a lot.

Cousin: She doesn't need much, she just needs the love and care for families.

Cousin: She won't stay, without like Mother or Father, or Grandmother. She won't let than anyone, like strangers, she won't stay with any strangers

Cousin: My auntie's been there, my uncle: her dad, and our grandmother. They just gave her the support and love, for the way, til now.

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