Getting around my home / doing everyday things

I have trouble getting in the shower… cleaning my house… 

I have trouble seeing the TV or hearing people talk….

I can’t walk properly since my accident…

For everyday things, NDIS can help with supports – people and/or equipment to help you be safe.

Things like:

  • Wheelchair (4WD if needed)
  • Hearing aid
  • Walking frame
  • Walking sticks
  • Bed supports – special mattresses
  • Lifter for moving people
  • Special plates, cup, knives and forks for people who have trouble holding things.

Can NDIS buy me a swag… food… blankets…?

No. NDIS cannot buy things that any family should be able to get. It is hard because not everyone has these things. NDIS money is only for supports related to your disability. There might be other services that can help with these things.

Can NDIS buy me a washing machine?

No. This is something family should get or other support services might help.

Travel / getting around