Somewhere to Live

I want to get a place of my own… live independently (looking after myself)…

My house is not really good for me… I can’t get up the steps or in the bathroom…

People with disabilities can find it hard to get a place to live that meets their needs.

This can mean having to stay living with family who can help.

Sometimes houses need to have special equipment to make them safe for the person with a disability.

How can NDIS help:

  • NDIS can help people fix their house or find a house that suits. Not every community has the right kind of houses. NDIS might only be able to help some people.
  • NDIS can help buy ramps or put in rails for people to be safe.

My toilet is a long way from my house. I can’t go by myself…

NDIS can in some places, make changes to houses to make things easier, like putting a toilet inside.

My carer got sick and I have no-one to look after me…

NDIS can help with emergency care in a different place or finding another carer.

I have been staying in this place a long time and I want to have a break…

Having a break from your usual carers and community is good. It gives you a chance to meet new people and do other things and gives your carers time to rest. NDIS can help organise Respite Care. Respite means a break.

Finding the best place to live can be hard. It’s important to think about where you live in two ways, when you make your plan:

  • What do I need soon that would help make my living place safer? (rails, ramps..)
  • Where do I want to live in the future? In my own place, with other people with disabilities, stay where I am… 

Can NDIS help buy me a house?

No. Sometimes people with very high and challenging needs can get help to find a special housing.

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