How do I get on the NDIS?

NDIS is still getting started in some places. Not all communities have NDIS working properly yet. To find out about your community, you can ask:

  • Health staff 
  • NDIS workers – Purple Shirt mob (if you see them in your community)
  • Call 1800 800110 and ask who you can talk to about NDIS

1. Check you are eligible to join NDIS

This means that you fit the rules for NDIS help.

You or your child needs to

  • be under 65 years of age, and
  • have a developmental delay (for children under the age of 6), or
  • have a disability that is permanent (permanent means you will always have it)


  • you have concerns about your child’s development, or
  • your disability makes it hard to do things and live a good life

2. Ask for a meeting with NDIS staff

This meeting can be in your community, home or NDIS office or by phone. 

You can also talk to your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). The LACs are workers who will help you with NDIS to get the help you need. 

Some organisations like Miwatj Health, APM,Mission Australia, Congress might have LAC workers in your area. 

3. NDIS Planning Meeting

When you join, you will meet with NDIS staff to make a plan.

A plan is an agreement about what supports you need to make things easier for you.

Everyone’s plan will be different.

Some people will need a lot of support. Other people might just need a little bit of support.

A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) can also help you make your plan.

You will talk about what support you need and how to get it.

4. Wait for your plan to be approved

This means NDIS agree with your plan.

The staff will tell you how long this might take.

Getting ready for your planning meeting

To get ready for your planning meeting, think about:

  • What things are good in your life. What do you enjoy doing?
  • What things are not good. What is hard for you? 
  • What would you like to do if you had help/support?
  • Think about everyday and also for your future.

You might want to talk with family or carers to help think about your plan.

What are your goals for a good life? 

For example, do you want to work, go to the art centre, visit family, join in cultural ceremonies…

NDIS does not cover everything. It does not cover things that everyone should usually get for their family, like food, clothes, a safe place to live. NDIS can only help with things that are going to help with your disability.

The things you say to the NDIS staff will go into your first plan.

You and the LAC can check your plan anytime to make sure your plan is working and is still right for you.

Someone you trust can be with you to help you make your first plan – like family, friend or carer.

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