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Katherine is a carer for her nephew and lives at Ntaria. Her nephew has behavioural issues and Katherine would like support caring for him.


KATHERINE: My name’s Katherine surname, I’m from Hermannsburg, Ntaria. I’m a carer for Vincent surname and I’m his aunty. I work at school, attendance

SHEREE: Can you sit that on your knee? Just while you’re talking. *Hands microphone*

TAMMY: So what um, disability does Vincent have?


TAMMY: No disability. What’s wrong with Vincent?

KATHERINE: He talks a lot, swearing at people. Not everywhere, just at home. Talking to himself. Yeah and-

TAMMY: Do you think he has problems thinking?

KATHERINE: Yes. We’re a bit worried about him walking round in hot.

TAMMY: So he walks around all day?

KATHERINE: All day, yeah.

SHEREE: Sorry can I, just so that you’re hands don’t make noises, I’ll just put that there and just let it sit. Otherwise when you touch it, it might make the noises for the sound

TAMMY: Inaudible Um so tell us, does he have, so he’s got mental illness?


TAMMY: Just tell us that. So Vincent’s got mental illness

KATHERINE: Vincent’s got mental illness yeah. We bit worried about him. Me and my mother, she’s a grandmother and also another two aunties, cousins and niece and nephews

TAMMY: Yep. What sort of things make you worry about him?

KATHERINE: Um talking um, maybe um, bad things

TAMMY: So Vincent talks about bad things?


TAMMY: Tell us what Vincent talks about

KATHERINE: Um talks about people, about the lady. Not silly things, just talking about what he’s gonna do, yeah

TAMMY: Violent way?

KATHERINE: Not really violent way. Just talking his voice

TAMMY: Yeah. Alright so Vincent worries you because-

KATHERINE: Yeah he talks um-

TAMMY: Silly?


TAMMY: He says silly things?


TAMMY: Because of his disability aye?

KATHERINE: Mmm. To Grandma or me or cousins

TAMMY: Like violent way or? Does he wanna hurt yous? Or he don’t listen to you or?


TAMMY: Do you worry about him?

KATHERINE: Yeah we’re worried about him

TAMMY: What do you worry is gonna happen to him?

KATHERINE: He might do-

TAMMY: Something?

KATHERINE: Yep. Maybe hit me or grandmother. That’s why we’re all worried about him, the family

TAMMY: Do you feel safe looking after Vincent?


TAMMY: But only when he talks silly, make you worried

KATHERINE: Mmm yeah. Because I always tell him “you gonna say silly thing I’m gonna ring police” and then he be quiet

TAMMY: So he’s scared of the police?


TAMMY: He doesn’t wanna go to jail


TAMMY: Do you want him to go to jail?


TAMMY: Nup. What sort of help do you think Vincent needs?

KATHERINE: I need help-

TAMMY: Hang on, I’ll ask you soon what help you need, but then first of all what help does Vincent need, do you think? Does he talk about wanting to do things good?

KATHERINE: Yeah cos he’s working at the moment. He’s working at inaudible

TAMMY: Yeah and he enjoys working?

KATHERINE: Yes. He’s a little bit getting better now, a little bit

TAMMY: Yep. What help do you need with Vincent as a carer? What support do you need as a carer?

KATHERINE: I need support from family

TAMMY: You need support from family?

KATHERINE: From family and from um, your mob

TAMMY: How old’s Vincent?

KATHERINE: I don’t know

TAMMY: Okay so he’s young man?

KATHERINE: Yeah young man yeah

TAMMY: Alright. Does Vincent take medication? Medicine?

KATHERINE: I don’t know, because I’ve been asking clinic

TAMMY: Yeah?

KATHERINE: When I went to the clinic and saw Barry and my cousin Rita. Asking him that he’s having medication

TAMMY: Did they tell you?


TAMMY: They can’t tell you aye?


TAMMY: What about Vincent? Does Vincent tell you he’s on medication?


TAMMY: Does he go to the clinic?


SHEREE: Mental health worker?

KATHERINE: Mmm sometimes he goes there

TAMMY: Vincent goes to see mental health workers sometimes?


TAMMY: They come from Alice Springs or they there all the time?

KATHERINE: Yeah Alice Springs, they came to see him

TAMMY: Oh yeah. So have they talked to you about what they can help Vincent with?

KATHERINE: No they didn’t talk to me

TAMMY: So maybe you need support in that?


TAMMY: So you need support in that someone comes to talks to you about Vincent?


TAMMY: And what kind of help they’re doing with him, so you know as a carer aye?

KATHERINE: Mmhmm yeah

TAMMY: Because it’s not fair on you if you’re looking after him but you don’t know what’s going on with him


TAMMY: And you gotta put up with being his, ya know, violent attacks and that. If they shared with you or told you a little bit more about him then it makes it easier for you


TAMMY: What sort of things does Vincent like doing in his life? Does he ever talk about wanting to do anything or go anywhere?


TAMMY: Alice Springs, football

KATHERINE: No. He’s enjoying his work

TAMMY: He likes working, what does he do?

KATHERINE: Um inaudible

TAMMY: Ahh. Inaudible

Other person: Inaudible

KATHERINE: Inaudible


KATHERINE: They do inaudible

Other person: Like working at the cemetery

KATHERINE: Cemetery, yeah

TAMMY: Ohh they’re doing that

SHEREE: Inaudible

KATHERINE: That one there *points*

TAMMY: So they got funding to do this cemetery up here? So community projects


TAMMY: Yep. So he likes doing that sort of thing. If there was anything that you could get help with as a carer what would it be? What are the things you need support with being the carer for Vincent? Or what sort of support would you like Vincent to get? Either one. Anything you think of,? Or you need help to think of those things aye?


TAMMY: So you need to sit and talk to someone


TAMMY: That can help yous maybe. See that’s support there, aye. That’s a really good one

SHEREE: I agree

TAMMY: Yep. So can you just tell us into this camera, because you’re really good at doing it. Just say something like “I need support to sit down with someone to tell me how we can help Vincent” aye?

KATHERINE: I need help to support me to talk to Vincent

TAMMY: Inaudible Say “I need support-

KATHERINE: I need support

TAMMY: From someone

KATHERINE: From someone

TAMMY: Who can help me with Vincent

KATHERINE: Who can help me with Vincent

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