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Celsius has lived at the Tiwi Islands for his whole life and has problems with his hearing and wears a hearing aid.


Tammy: So you can hear me, no worries?

Celcius: Yeah.

Tammy: Just that hearing aid, so he’s got everything he needs really.

Translator: We get audiologist come over.

Tammy: Yeah, okay. Do you lose your hearing aid?

Celcius: Yeah I got another one.

Tammy: You got another one at home?

Celcius: Yeah.

Tammy: Oh yeah. So, have you ever lost it and gone without a hearing aid?

Celcius: Yeah.

Tammy: And the doctors come back and give you another one?

Celcius: Yeah they come back and give me another one, in four weeks time. They come every four weeks.

Tammy: Oh yeah, every four weeks. He’s right! You do good.

Celcius: Yeah I do. The doctor checked my heart problem and they told me that it’s okay. No problems there.

Tammy: And you do work or anything like that?

Celcius: Yeah I do work at home.

Tammy: Cleaning up and that?

Celcius: Yeah, picking up rubbish.

Tammy: Church?

Celcius: Yeah.

Tammy: You do work at the Church?

Celcius: Yeah.

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