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Steve from Groote Eylandt would like to spread awareness about Machado-Joseph Disease (MJD) that he has inherited and the importance of staying strong and positive.


My name is Steve Wurramara - I'm from [inaudible], Angurugu community, and I'm for the MJD.

The MJD is caused to my, ah, family tree.

I make this film to teach all the people around the world, yeah by MJD cause some of the people doesn't know what is MJD like.

It's very important to keep and to share this knowledge to everyone else in the world I want they know about this disease.

That's why I make this film about myself.

Well, ah, I would like to share this about when you have the MJD - you have to be strong.

Yeah, you have to be positive about it because the more you get positive about it, positive about it the more you get strong

Yes, and that's why I'm sharing my, all this, all my speech to all of you, all of you who got MJD out there.

The most important part... that have a plan because... is... is to be out there; being out there, out in the country and to... do what you like, you know?

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