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Rex from Yirrkala walks a little but mostly relies on his electric scooter to get around. He has good support from his carer and his family and also from a local community service provider.


REX: My name is Rex (last name?), my Aboriginal name is (name) L-A-W-K- (spelling inaudible), Yirrkala. I live here.

TAMMY: And what’s your disability?

REX: Disability pension, uh what else?

TAMMY: What’s wrong with you?

REX: I was born like this. And also my mum’s passed away a long time. And also my father’s passed away long time. And also my eldest brother’s passed away long time too, only left me and my sister that’s all.

SHEREE: How does the movement affect you?

REX: Inaudible in language, good. Movement, I live alright. And I feel alright and I am independent now, yeah. And I also live um, I’m waiting for the own house, on waiting list, inaudible, this morning. Yes and that’s all.

TAMMY: So can you walk?

REX: Yes just little bit of walk.

TAMMY: So just say it back into the camera, I can walk a little bit.

REX: I walk a little bit. Mostly round with my scooter.

SHEREE: Mmm and can you write and move your arms and eat and all that?

REX: Yeah yeah yeah I’m alright, inaudible – (have something for myself?)

SHEREE: Do you need special support in the shower to be able to- what do you need?

REX: I’ll have a shower on my right, at home. With rail yeah, rails already there. I live at inaudible Sally inaudible house, my sister.

SHEREE: And if you set up a house on your own what special things do you need in the house so that you can be independent?

REX: Um any, like furnitures or televisions or air conditioners.

SHEREE: Do you need a full-time carer?

REX: Yeah back at the out station my carer is James inaudible last name

SHEREE: What’s the job the carer does for you?

REX: I live at inaudible word. My brother eldest brother yeah.

SHEREE: What jobs does he do for you?

REX: The cooking and the cleaning the house. But I sleep alright. And I eat my breakfast alright. And I feel alright. I just driving around with scooter and say hello and visit my families all the time day and night *laughs*

SHEREE: *laughs* Do you feel like you have a good life with your disability?

REX: Yeah yes, yes thank you.

Tammy and Sheree inaudible

SHEREE: Have you heard about NDIS?

REX: Not yet but I’m first time.

SHEREE: Can you tell us about what support you get now?

REX: Yeah but I’m on exercise appointment. And also just go to swimming you know exercise equipment, NDIS. Then every Fridays, like this week Friday, we’re going to exercise appointment inaudible word – Menmuk?

SHEREE: And with um, is there any other thing that you need support for that you don’t get at the moment?

REX: Like what um..

SHEREE: Like going out bush or going to Darwin, or?

REX: Yeah I’ve been to Darwin inaudible word – Menmuk? I fly to there Darwin stay there for two weeks respite and I’m coming back inaudible word – Menmuk?

SHEREE: How do you pay for that?

REX: With um with NDIS with aid care with inaudible – Vanessa? with inaudible- Layna?

SHEREE: They give you a pension?

REX: *nodding* Pension. But most pay with inaudible with aid care mob, the ladies they helping me, like NDIS. Inaudible with someone. Same like NDIS or disability like aid care inaudible-Layna?

SHEREE: So have you spoken to that purple shirt mob?

REX: Where?


REX: Mmm *nodding* mmm.

SHEREE: NDIS purple shirt mob, they spoke to you? And tell us about how that went.

REX: This morning. I been there inaudible-Layna? this morning. I fixed my scooter what is going problem, all damage.. Yeah.

SHEREE: And if you have any problems who do you go to?

REX: Umm with inaudible-Layna? with NDIS, inaudible-Vanessa? they helping me. Sometimes I’ll ask my family, encouraging me. *Nods*

SHEREE: You sound like you have some good support, so if you have any trouble you know who to go to and where to get help, yeah? So do you have any messages for people with disability in remote communities who don’t have that sort of support, what things can help them, do you have any messages you can tell them?

REX: Mmm if I’ll get my problems I’ll take, bring to inaudible centre with Ben nearly opposite to the preschool inaudible.

Someone else: Inaudible, disability

REX: Inaudible-Menmuk? I can feel inaudible-Menmuk? just driving around, visit someone

Sister: Go fishing

REX: Go fishing, go to, I been to the shady inaudible-beach? yesterday two times.

TAMMY: On your motorbike?

REX: Yeah *big smile*

Everybody laughing and inaudible

Sister inaudible/in launguage

REX: I just need I just wait about my own house, I live my independent inaudible because some I might live with my family they arguing you know the problems, this this this, inaudible, this this this, like all the time they ask me Sally, they ask me inaudible you know. And I’ll hear that maybe Sally my sister but I’m ignoring and I’m driving around *laughing*.

TAMMY: So just say into the camera, what’s important for me right now is my own house.

REX: My important is my own house.

TAMMY: It’s important for me to have my own house.

REX: Inaudible, my important.

Sister: Ver important for me

REX: Very important for me stay for own house but I’ll still inaudible follow of that own house.

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