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Desmond is talking to Wanatjura at Mutitjulu about his disability which makes him take fits. He takes medication every day at the clinic. He receives meals from the aged care service but otherwise looks after himself. Desmond would like to travel to visit family but it’s safer for him to stay at home.

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Desmond: Desmond Cook

Tammy: Desmond Cook

Desmond: Yep. In the green house

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: Take a fit

Tammy: So he takes fits?

Desmond: Yep

Sheree: Like epilepsy

Desmond: [speaking language]

Wanatjura: And he takes tablet

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: So he goes to the clinic regularly in the morning, and he was over there this morning, he got some tablet and then came over

Sheree: As long as you take that medication you don’t have any trouble with the fit?

Desmond: Sometime when I walk, walk around go back home [inaudible]

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: So sometimes when he goes back home he gets [inaudible], going around and stuff

Wanatjura: Aged care from here help provide food for him, like lunch

Tammy: Oh yeah

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: He looks after himself. He does everything on himself

Wanatjura: So he does shopping on his own too. He does shopping and then takes it back home

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: Mmm so he’s saying he wants to go into town and visit his mum or visit the town, you know, walk around

Tammy: Where’s his mum?

Wanatjura: In Alice, Alice Springs

Tammy: Ah okay

Desmond: [speaking language]

Wanatjura: Mmm so she’s in the hospital

Sheree: What’s the best way… [fades out]

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Desmond: [speaking in language]

Wanatjura: Bush bus? Bush bus.

[Wanatjura and Desmond speaking language]

Wanatjura: So he said that um he said he thinks it’s okay like this is normal, like he’s happy where he is now. Like he’s a bit worried that he might take a fit when he’s working or doing something, different, you know. So that’s why he kind of, he likes this level where he is now. And his family’s saying, you know, stay where you are you know, it’s good for you and taking the tablet and stuff.

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