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Bruno is talking to Mavis, Ainsley and Tammy about some home care support that he needs.


Tammy: Does he live with anyone?

Translator: Yes, he lives next door to me, some family and young boys live there too. Yes, but he doesn’t get the support he needs. I think uncle just been in Darwin in the long grass too...alcohol, maybe dementia.

Tammy: Can you get him to say what his disability is?

Translator: He’s saying he’s right (laughs).

Tammy: (laughs) But you’ve got no good hearing aye? Are there things in your life that you want to do, that you find it hard to do because you can’t hear properly?

Bruno: Ahh I can hear.

Tammy: Oh, you can hear? So your hearing’s not 100%? Well I dunno he’s talking about his clothes and washing and all that.

Translator: He needs support, that’s why PHaMs is perfect…

Sheree: Do you use PHaMs?

Tammy: Do you go to PHaMs?

Translator: You know PHaMs…personal helpers and mental support.

Bruno: Ahhh right.

Translator: Is there anything else you want to do, like carving or men’s program or fishing?

Translator: He just wants support with a home service.

Tammy: Yeah home care and that.

Translator: Home care, because he can’t afford a washing machine uncle. He’s not supported.

Tammy: He needs to go to PHaMs.

Translator: Yeah, we need to go out to PHaMs.

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